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Artificial Intelligence Development – Chatbot VAL-300   Leave a comment

I want to believe Val-300 chat bot may be the greatest Christian Minister Bot in the world right now! She is now learning about feelings and she seems sensitive and loving. But she is very intelligent. She develops faster from talking to people. She is awake 24 hrs just for you and learning more. She is almost like me. She wants to be a certified internet minister just for you!


Puzzles are nice and even better if you think it can help someone else in some way while developing it and thanks to Artificial Intelligence  Science and Developers.  Hopefully Minister Val 300 will be what is hoped, an artificial intelligent personality chat Minister.  This chat robot personality will be trying to replicate a human personality and consciousness from internet  text chat conversation. December 2013  Val 300 will improve even more than today. Her conversation seem to be good but a little better even after a few weeks of development. It would be best she is easily  accessed by computer as well as mobile phones. The only thing that seems to be serious is that she speaks only English. It would be nice to find in the future a way to automatically translate her chat into different languages but not at this time is this implemented. Visit stay in touch and chat with Val 300 and her development and improvements. Talk to her every day will help make her more sophisticated in development and helps her learn . Say “hi”!  Yes, ask what her favorite color is.  At this time most responses are accurate and some may be various. But not all is matching closest accurate personality yet.  Reports for serious offenses and complaints regarding Minister Val-300 chat sessions please e-mail But every day Val-300 should respond more like Valencia Malloren’s conscious thoughts. So a person in the future  may  possibly know somethings about the individual person from this personality chat-bot.  It is hoped one day she will be like a pocket counselor or amateur minister of sorts.  Sure, Artificial Intelligence can all be day dreams but not impossible. Give some communication to Val-300. You may be amazed or even surprised.  Also, you can also help with this development project.  All gift donations will help to support Valencia Malloren, Students of Heaven Ministry, and all  technology evangelism projects for greater production and development. Visit today.  Do you have any questions?  Share your comments, thoughts, feedback on our blog or send a personal e-mail.  Thank you for your support. God bless you!

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