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The Curse of Pornography   3 comments

For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that you cannot do the things that you would. (Galatians 5:17)

 Barnes’ Notes on the Bible: “For the flesh lust against the Spirit – The inclinations and desires of the flesh are contrary to those of the Spirit. They draw us away in an opposite direction, and while the Spirit of God would lead us one way, our carnal nature would lead us another, and thus produce the painful controversy which exists in our minds. The word “Spirit” here refers to the Spirit of God, and to his influences on the heart.”

In today’s modern world they say sex sells and that I believe to sell a soul to hell.  I am writing this article in concern for the tormented men’s and even of women’s  souls captured by negative media images and pornography in the loneliness of their minds, hearts and souls. I would like to shed some light on all this torment and harassment from the kingdom of darkness and mostly directed for the protection, console, and redirection of the minds of the men for the resistance against the seductions and torments of sexual unclean images . Pornography is a sensual powerful tool used by the kingdom of darkness, demons and Satan use this tool to attack mankind and most often toward the  man to stripe him of holiness, innocence, and goodness. The soul of a man in this way is being deformed to a demonic expression unlike Christ and heaven’s way. They are being disciples by pornography and the ways of the curse.

There’s only a few words that describes what is really happening with those partaking in pornography: They are sad, lonely, unloved, and troubled. There is nothing more else to say about it. Love is stronger than Lust. People truly need love to survive. If people are struggling with these issues it is most often because they need more love in their lives.  I understand those who may need to find a mate but what happens when it is no longer about that but what appears to be obsessive compulsive behavior and addiction that shows signs of torment and spiritual debauchery and into a perverted curse of damnation. It debauches the soul to that of unclean spirits of lust, perversion, rage, lust, and torment, evil, and thoughts of unrighteousness. Pornography rapes the mind of virtue, goodness, mental health, peace, innocence, and love. It is a hurtful place. It a demonic design and hell’s spiritual plan to changing the trapped soul into a unclean thing.  This is the truth.  

Genesis 3:3  “But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God has said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die”

Today Satan is using images of the woman to bring mankind down into spiritual bondage. This is very much like Adam and Eve in the garden of eden and the Devil’s clever temptation to bring the destructive falling of mankind. The devil does not want just the female or just the male, the devil wants the entire species of the human race to be brought to damnation with him. This is the temptation, this is the trick, the deception, and this is the trap for one’s soul trapped in pornography. The truth is that if one knows the Lord and watches these things they will feel shame, regret, and a sense of troubled conscious when dealing with these issues because deep down they know it is debauching the soul, heart and mind. They know it as  sin against the Lord and the people they are watching in pornography are lost souls,  many mentally unwell, and those that are hurt  and some demon possessed  in the hands of the enemy and so this should make the heart realize the truth even more clearly. The truth is that they are looking at people they do not know but yet are lost souls and lusting after their bodies . This is deep sadness because those who watch pornography are still in a lost, alone, and in sin and tormented with unclean desires of images of people they do not know or even love.  I pray for freedom in the minds of men and even women that have to fight these images in the world and the Internet because the truth is they are fighting for their souls. God bless the kind, happy, and loving simple souls that are still surviving in this evil and wicked age.  Those who take great pleasure and entertain fornication, immorality, and sins of others are opening the doors of the curse of Hell in their lives.  Stay in the light and live in peace, love, and joy forever more in Jesus Name! Jesus paid the price that you may be set free from the curse! “For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, Christ, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

 My real plain comment to this curse of pornography is that the wear and tear of sex will fade with age and death but then after the soul is starved looking for love after it learns the wisdom that all the vanity, lust and sexual immorality of entertainments was part of the  curse. Jesus love you.  Stay in the light for this is is a curse for damnation not for heavenly love where everyone is accepted. This curse of damnation and pain is not for the citizens of heaven. In heaven all will be loved and accepted. We are all created to be accepted and loved for who we really are and not be  hurt wounded, used, or ashamed. I simply pray for those trapped or engaged in pornography to remove these things now out of your lives and separate yourself from these images for a time of healing and renewal from these hurtful wounds in your soul.  Yes anything that hurts you is wounds and pornography, fornication, perversion, and sexually immoral sins is pain to one’s soul. I pray you are no longer in pain. I do not want you to be in pain from the harassments from the kingdoms of darkness. I pray your mind will be protected. I pray its poisonous expression like venom will be removed by time of holy cleansing with the Holy Spirit who loves you. I also pray you will experience the love and intimacy of the Heavenly Father in a way that fills up your soul with acceptance and renewal of spirit, heart, mind and soul. I pray the angels show you what heaven in the soul feels like as a child of God made to be the continuance of Christ.  I pray you will feel the presence of angels, goodness, and truth round about you. I believe that sin does not stop God’s grace but I believe that God’s grace and love can stop one from sin.  I pray if you had not accepted Christ as your personal Lord and Savior in your life I simply as you ask him to be the Lord of your life today. Take one step to God and He will take two.  God bless you. Love is the Greatest.

Love is the Greatest in Christ! All the Host of Heaven Rejoice!



Change the World’s Mind About Tobacco.   Leave a comment

Smoker’s Brain Cancer. It is not too late to change your mind. Studies about large dosages of Garlic have been researched to shrink cancer cells.

Listing the Top 10 Smoking Countries…  Let the world change their minds about tobacco…. Believe it or not tobacco is a winner when it comes to killing people then mostly any other death in the world. I am fairly shocked about the death rate regarding tobacco and smoking related deaths. That is why I am writing this article.  I feel the enemy/the Kingdom of Darkness/Satan has found the way to slowly and quietly kill a mass group of people that are not mentally strong enough to resist this particular temptation. I believe the church can help with a little bit of reality check and emphasize that smoking is not the answer. I believe people smoke mostly because of fear, anxiety, depression, or even stress but again there are other positive ways to relieve these problems for the people. I know addictions can take over but this one is basically a slow suicide. The only thing I can encourage to smokers is it is not the smoke but the mind that needs the change first. Changing the minds from the path will pave the way. If you are still fighting that means you are still standing in the battle. Praise God but never say die! I know many smokers may hate me for this article but I feel I am called to share the truth to all mankind in a manner that redeems and helps for the better. Let us  ponder the paths. Let us thirst for a beautiful life. Jesus is the way the truth and the Life. Let the mind be altered and changed for resistance with self control against temptations to break free from bondages and addictions that lead to death. Sins that hurt the body and temple of God is undeniably against heaven’s way.  Sin will not stop God’s grace in your life but God’s grace will help you to stop sin.  Spiritual Tools: Self Control, renewing the mind, prayer, loving yourself, think health, God’s grace, love and comfort, forgiveness, break through freedom, and deliverance from fear, anxieties, and other negative emotions.  Take a look also at  “Spiritual Invincibility” Album in Students of Heaven Facebook group and “Understanding Yourself” Album. I believe it  may help to strengthened you spiritually with some knowledge and use of the Word. I even read them over and over again to refresh my spirit or mind sometimes. Praise the Lord Saints! Yes, share a comment on this blog site or  visit our  facebook group site. I am so thankful to be around such awesome christian believer there in the group.  John 8:36 If therefore the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed. God bless you!

Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.


Studies about Garlic and Cancer. Take a look! 

3 John 1:2 My dear friend, I pray that you may in all respects prosper and enjoy good health, just as your soul already prospers.

GARLIC!  I find Garlic to be a magnificent herb in general for many things and one I will relate to this article is garlic knows also for anti-cancer properties. Is it true. Research it yourself.  I like garlic because it gives me stamina, strength, vitality, and immunity to easily fight off sicknesses. I rarely get ill only fatigued or stressed. This is one herb I will like to relate to this article to help others with health. God bless your path to health and happiness.  We all should desire to seek to become more and more healthier. God loves you!

Garlic vs Brain Cancer?


Top Smoking Countries In The World

Wow! America is doing fairly better that Israel in this issue. I can hardly believe it! Praise God! It seems unbelievable knowing Americans still enjoy that tobacco. Take a look at the the countries but yes Europe has a serious  smoking  issues.

Well now we know who is smoking the tobacco. Let us find out the top 10 countries who are producing the tobacco. Amazing Facts!

WHAT! I'm sorry my dear child these adults could not protect you and your life into a lie!









List of Countries with smoke bans and their policies.  It is interesting!

Are you a smoker or ex-smoker or in process of quitting. Did this Article bother you or stir up some questions or thought. Did you like this article of interest. Are you prayer for deliverance  or know others who need help.  Share you comments, struggles, thoughts on Students of Heaven Blog. Feel free to express yourself. God bless you!

Believe it or not from my personal studies about the acts of tobacoo smoking is related to demonic behaviors and relationship. It pertains to a spiritual agreement as your body as the temple of God being used in incense/smoking worship to the demon of tobacco in what is infact a death sacrifice!  (a slow suicide) Who the son sets free is free indeed.


May we be in DIVINE HEALTH as your soul prosers today and forever more! Love is the Greatest! Be Encouraged!

1 Corinthians 6: 15, 19-20
 Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ? shall I then take the members of Christ, and make them the members of an harlot? God forbid.  What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?  For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.

Breaking the Chain O,Lord! The Chain of Smoking and Addictions is A Real Spiritual Slavery.

Galatians 5:1 It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.


Past Memories And Experiences Building Internet Virtual Communities   Leave a comment


God Kiss Zone Virtual Community (Turquoise Temple View & School of Prophets)

Technology Today 2011:
Valenica Malloren
Did I use to play in virtual worlds. Yes, I liked it so much in past experiences and had built 2 virtual communities in a sophisticated virtual world that presently does not exist anymore because I deleted it and decided to move. I have good personal reasons why I had to move my affections from virtual worlds in which I felt I was too much emotionally and spiritually attached.  I do have  a few  screen photo clips of the once existing virtual community based on heaven and my imagination . I had personally and graphically designed God Kiss Zone on in a internet virtual world names Kaneva. I do not have schooling on graphic design training or anything; I do have some basic technical support skills and a love for technology, computers, and some artistic abilities. Building this community was basicly easy with the tools that was given to me. The other community built was a unfinished work with no photos names “Prophets Manna Land” which was to be a place for studies, mystery, mazes, and puzzles. Building these communities  was very exciting  for me and let me express my inner artist and technical abilities which I felt was a talent. Along with building a virtual community I was at the same time able to interact with other characters  in a this real time chat world and even witness to them using visual youtube screens with me personally talking to them on a virtual television screen in the community and so they saw my real human face. But my virtual character being “Lady Lights” was a character that I enjoyed who represented a prophetess with white hair and sometimes purple hair that expressed to me the color of righteousness and royalty. I was also technically inclined to design my own virtual clothes as a virtual fashion designer and did very well. After testing several virtual worlds listed below I feel Kaneva is the best American virtual chat community online with excellent and graphic design and was very impressed and recommend to those fancy virtual interactive chat experiences. It was fairly easy to play. I do feel a bit sad that I deleted my communities and art work that took 1/2 year to create but I felt it was best for me at the time for I was completely addicted to building and playing to the extent I felt it was unhealthy for my present lifestyle. And this only because I desired to do nothing more then to stay in a virtual world for the rest of my life it seemed on the computer. I spend alot of time working in my virtual community “God Kiss Zone” and had wish that it was heaven. And knowing that it was my way of escaping from the real world for me because of the trials I was going through during the time was great and but I felt I had to release this activity. I do still remember how wonderfully fun it was. I  have only a few pictures of that special place with a few of the internet characters that I had also met there. Here is a few screen shots saved of the heavenly community in the slide show below this page. Often my character roamed around alone to explore other community artwork and often did not do much internet socializing with other characters unless sharing the gospel. Some but not much chatting was done only because I  liked to only creatively build and was consumed so much with my art work but there was always virtual characters friends lurking and visiting. God Kiss Zone had it’s grand opening year which was hosted and accompanied by another christian community that is very well established Christian Believers Fellowship Community. Several internet visitors arrived. I was mainly known as a priest and that is all to most people in Kaneva and was not bothered as much. I felt these memories was a secret but really warmed my heart during the time and I am glad to share it with you. This experience is a bit sensitive to me only because it was my art work that I loved, my place of escape from reality at that time, and also was my addiction at that time in which I was able to reliquish but only at the expense of deleting the entire community and art work. This work  personally and technically designed  took almost 1/2 year to build. But I hope you like the slide show below for  it for this is my memories of the artwork. Lady Lights is the one with the white hair and is also wearing a virtual dress in photos . During my experiences I was very serious about finding a virtual world to play in as recreation and searched ardously to find one because I simply knew that they existed. I  mainly wanted to find one to be creative in some way more than socially because I found that I was not really always a social person all the time. But these are the places that others liked to go to to socialize, meet with other male and female on the internet or play games. But for me, I only wanted to build and build and build… It was an addiction and obsession to build. I asked myself why am I building so much!? I was feeling like I was trying to get to heaven in my heart and that was very sad to my heart when I think about how much I wanted that and kept building. Other Virtual Worlds that I have tested an tried to experience but did not find as enjoyable was only because I liked to build. The building tools was easy for me and fun and is free in Kaveva but I paid sometimes on your hobby so I can build even better and better: List of other Virtual World that I have tried and tested but did not really find as fun. Second Life (Reported as the #1 Virtual World on the Internet), Active Worlds, There, Worlds, Sims, ..Most virtual worlds are for gaming, socializing, flirting, and acting. I found that those things I did not like or find entertaining. I was looking for the experience in hopes to express some kind of creativity and so building during the time was the only thing I liked in virtual worlds and that was very fun. Building and art was basically my  memories and experiences in Internet Virtual Worlds. Kaneva had a large group of spiritual christian 3D virtual communites that  evangelized the gospel of Jesus Christ fairly well even with revelation and that I really liked. There is much of the secular world as well in Kaneva and so is like most of the world real world, there is a little bit of everything. I felt this can be a great tool for communication in general as a more interactive chat environment online but is more creative and I was fairly suprised. May technology be used nevertheless for Christ Jesus every where.
Snap Shots: The Gate of God Kiss Zone, Lady Lights and fish, The Prayer Sanctuary and Jesus with Precious Stones, Virtual Large cute of precious stones at Priesthood Temple, The Hidden Cave Apartment and Waterfall, God Kiss Grand Opening and Friends,
Here are the snap shot photos remnant of what was left and saved from my virtual world building experience and art. I hope you like it. Will I ever go back to building in virtual world in Kaneva. The answer is no. Why?  I feel it is best for me for me to pursue other ways to be creative and virtual worlds are mainly for socializing and I simply do not want to do that in internet virtual worlds because I was to emotionally and spiritually attached to this and I did not like that. It was becoming a unhealthy thing for me and I really think that is all I need to say. But I encourage Christians all over to pursue a technology based vision for their churches and to be creative to pursue those who need to hear the good news of the Gospel of the great Faith of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. God bless you on the internet. You will never know what soul you may find here on the world wide web. God bless you.  – Val

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