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The mark of the beast used in the future New World Government is a technology device implanted in the right hand or forehead of the people left behind during Christ return and is written in Revelations of the Holy Bible of God’s word.



Do note if you have not studied the word of biblical prophecy this guide is the most clear and most simple spiritual guide you can get. You may not have time to learn this or go to school or pay for a minister to teach you in time. So here it is! Fast, quick, in a hurry, and to the point. The rapture can be tomorrow or even today. Just in case you feel you will be left during Christ’s return, this will help you. I care about you. It will be hard, my precious. This guide is seriously brief and to the point and may offend people but I make no apology for the spiritual alert and warning of the truth of God’s plans. I am targeting those who may think this may happen to them or are not sure if they will be left. Print this out and give it to others if you must. It maybe the best thing you ever done for them if they are ones who will be left behind. Do know the Anti-Christ man is not a youth but presently a man.

Amos3:7 “Surely the Lord GOD does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel To His servants the prophets.”

God is about to remove is children from the earth and is in present preparation to complete his word and divine plans!


This is the order of things. When I hear something I must speak. Time is running out and this maybe the only guide that will help people when the church is gone. This is the instructions on how to survive and what to expect to whomever may read this. I am not trying to be rude or try to put people in fear but trying to give the fastest spiritual guide for what maybe the most devastating thing to happen for anyone in this life. This super fast spiritual guide is a real tangible thing to remember in this most devastating event of one’s life, to be LEFT BEHIND. This is for those who may suffer the possibility of being left behind in the fallen world when Jesus returns. This is actually the best thing I can give anyone who is not ready for Jesus soon return. This is something I would want someone to tell me plainly if that was my path or if I was lacking the knowledge. This is the exact letter I would want to read if I was to be left, did not know God, or was not saved or ready for the Lord’s return. I will make it very simple and did not apply many scriptures because I wanted it to be short. I want this guide to be easy and spiritually fast. For the Lord is preparing his way.

#1. The church people/Christians that were ready will be gone and those who are left behind will see the new world order and the Anti-Christ leader arise. The world will be in mass confusion for many people have disappeared and there are many accidents, calamities, and deaths from even those in cars. It will look like a world war occurred all over the world. Once you see this because you were left then get prepared to do what is in this guide and get what you need. It may not even be wise to tell anyone anything you are doing. But I pray you are not left but there will be many left that were not ready.

#2. The entire world will reinforce a system to order identification a kind of tracking and control system in your body which is according to prophecy, the mark of the beast. This device is designed to connect you to the global technology of this new government. It is a digital device implanted in one’s hand or forehead by this future world government.


#3. If you refuse to take this mark they will end up killing you but if you take it you will be damned to hell. Do NOT FORGET THAT! I REPEAT do not forget this! Do know your heart will be hardened if you take this device. It will be spiritually sealed you have sold your soul to Satan which is called in prophecy, the Mark of the Beast. There will be no going back if you do this grave eternal mistake for your soul in these terrible times.


#4. The best thing to do is get as far away from technology as you can (cell phones must not be used and most vehicles can also be tracked) and it is best to go into the wilderness or woods alone or with someone who is very very well trusted who will not give in to this demonic system of the world. But I personally recommend doing it alone if you are able and not physically weak.

#5. The temptation is the world will not help you in ANY way with out the device implant. That means providing food, shelter, medical, or anything.


#6. Learn to eat off the land and take good care of your health. Later they will set up where people will not be able to get in stores without showing they have this device. I am not trying to scare you but give you serious information.

#7. Trusting people will be very rare for there will be no reliable ministers and even your closest friend and loved ones may give in to the mark of the beast and the New World Order. Why? Because they are desperate and afraid. They will also most likely be envious of you because you are not like them who decided to take the device (the mark of the beast ) and they will most likely betray you due to envy, hate, jealous, and even the devil in their hearts. I recommend learning to stand alone mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with God as best as you can. There will be no no real church to run to during this time but possible camps of survivors. Again this is terrible and I am telling you how serious it is going to be to spiritually survive and try to make it to Heaven if you are left behind when Jesus Returns. This is the best advice I can tell you as extreme as it may sound at this time. If you want to make it to Heaven, just do not take the mark, not matter what! It would be better to die because the entire world government will be against you. And living without the government and civilization against you will be very and extremely difficult and people will suffer temptation to take the New World Order device for real food and shelter.

#8. Later one may attempt to create shelter that can not be found. Tent, store water, and learn to eat animals, plants, and roots you find. Learn camping and military like skills. This will be necessary. The goal here is stay alive away from the Anti-Christ Government authorities as long as you can.

#9. The New World Order will run things an rule for about several years under these kind of condition of trying to collect everyone and finding people who are on the run and creating their system under the Anti-Christ domain. Satan will be in a single man very strongly and will be very diplomatic and powerful. He will run everything and will be in charge. There will be no way to get to him or even stop him for he is the devil and it is written that he will do these things.

#10. If you decide to hand yourself in to the authorities for the death penalty then I give my personal advise to take pain killers, sleep like medication with you, or nerve tonic and hide under your hair with tape or somewhere else where they can not find it and take them 2 hours before death for mercy sake. I do not know what form of execution they will use. But this is your decision only if you do so. It will be frightening. Know, my precious. But if you perish with out the device and have not denied Christ, then you have saved your soul and will not be denied everlasting life. Praise God!

#11. I recommend to learn to stay quiet and not to be loud for many people will be in rage, mentally, emotionally confused and in great anxiety and fear. It will be very much like hell on earth. I personally recommend you to behave and act tired and sickly to be ignored by the imprisoned masses during the time to avoid conflicts. But you may find kindred friends in the Lord who know what is happening and who will endure this mandated death with you. Not to scare you but again this is the information. The task is to save the soul after being left behind.

#12. Note there will be 144,00 Jews running about the land as written in prophecy during this time. You may trust them if you somehow run across one of them. It will be hard to tell anyway who they are. But this is for your information. I would not know if you maybe one of these in general or if you are Jewish. But God bless you that you may escape even after being left behind. There is much biblical scriptures regarding all this information but I remind you I am trying  to try to make this brief and useful.


#13. During the closing hours of the world God sends 2 prophets from the past (called the 2 witnesses in Revelations). They come from Heaven to bring wrath and fire to the Anti-Christ world and the people who submitted to Him. The world eventually kills them and they create a world holiday regarding their deaths. God also during this time creates plaques written in revelations regarding bizarre wrath such as scorpions stinking people with the mark of the beast, and water turning into blood and other miraculous and horrible curses never heard of in the modern times. God is angry they took the mark and worshipped Satan’s world for they are damned. Do not take this device for it is spiritually agreement with Hell and Satan of selling one’s soul. I tell you again and again, do not take it. Hell is even worse then these plaques. Hell lasts forever but this trial will be for a short time. Think eternity in your decisions during these times is serious. You already made a mistake being left behind so don’t make another one this serious. These times will be unreal to believe it even when you are witnessing it. Do know many people lose their mind and even commit suicide. Remember this guide.


#14. The second stage of Christ return is completed when he destroys the whole world with fire and not with water like the days of Noah. The world is destroyed with brightness of Christ coming which is fire. So Christ return is really done in in 2 stages (the rapture/taking his children and later the brightness of world fire.) The “Book of Life” is opened to see who’s names are written in it. Then every soul will be judged for Heaven or eternal damnation. God creates the new Heaven and the New Earth. It is over!

#15. Jesus Loves. None of these things will have to happen to you if you are READY FOR JESUS TO RETURN. BE READY ALWAYS!! He wants you to escape safely into His arms! Praise God! This again is the fast and quick guide to the bible end time prophecy and the word of the end times revelations to the left behind. I tell you because I love you. I don’t think anyone else is going to make it as easy and plain as this. Most people have to go to school to learn this very quickly or have someone teach them but there will be no time to learn all this during the time if one is left in this world. Some have learned these things by the Holy Spirit guidance as well. But there is no time left to learn if you are left behind for there will be no peace on the earth. I need not money for this. This is free to you! THIS IS THE QUICK GUIDE.Take it as it is and I pray you understand it if you are one of these people who will be left. I love you so much and pray you will not have to suffer this. May God’s grace be upon you that you will make it to the Gate into blessed redeeming Salvation. I will see you even in Heaven. (May you trust this useful information for spiritual benefit. I recommend you to study it on your own or with others who know these things well in the Lord while you have the time to do so.  But if you have quick questions you may ask and I will try to answer if I am able. Yes, there is many arguments about the end time prophecy events. So you must make your decision who to trust or study now on your own if you want to realize it for yourself. But I told you and know the prophecy and have told you the truth. This letter is to give you real serious spiritual information and guidance. Be sober and be vigilant to understand the path is Christ! God bless you. Do not be left in the world when Christ returns! The Heavenly Father loves you and so do I. Great peace to the children of God!

Sincerely, Prophetess Valencia Malloren

Prophetic and End Time Studies: http://tinyurl.com/k2j6xtwwwww.studentsofheaven.com @2014


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