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You don’t put an Eskimo in the desert and you don’t put an Indian in Alaska. But if these things do happen then one must learn to adapt temporarily sometimes until they find another city. And this is how I would describe the world for the saints who have become adopted to heavenly citizenship in our dear Lord, Jesus Christ. Yes, I am a believer and confess the Christian faith.

For those who believer or learning, we must come to realize that we are not in our natural habitat. We are not in Heaven yet.  people are dying, people are sad, people are hurting, people are lonely, people are lost, people are angry, and people are confused, and people are crying and people are looking for answers and a hope. Is that Heaven for people? Yes this is not a home that I know of but there is hope for all men. This world and life is very much like living in a combat field in which a divine job must be done daily. Along with all this human suffering we also face people who are corrupted and evil. Who wants any more and the questions why.

We must adapt to this environment by creating a little haven that is close to what is the correct climate for ourselves and other: Love, peace, beauty, calm, rest, joy, and happiness. I also come to realize that there are generally some people who do not like that climate or find it stupid. It is hard to believe it but there are people who seek pain and chaos. Why? It is because it is there natural habitat. Darkness. The end of suffering is the great gift  for those whose climate is Heaven and we are not there yet. As long as we are in this world we are going to face suffering: Loved one’s dying, evil doers attacking, struggling to make payments and wages, learning more wisdom to endeavor, and staying free from thoughts that says this world is all there is. No matter what you go through in this world and no matter how demeaning and debasing. Just remember that this is not a natural habitat for you. It is going to be struggle and a constant battle. You are only as inferior as you allow the world to make you feel.

The Eskimo was wrapped up in the hot desert and cried to God. God taught him that you must take off your beautiful coat. The Eskimo felt the hot heat and it was not normal for him. He cried and felt suffering and pain continually. The little Indian was in an igloo and was not clothed well with a little feather in his hair. He cried to God. God taught him to wear the coat hood of the Eskimo. The Indian still felt cold and it was not normal for him. He cried and felt suffering and pain. AND So same are the things for a Child of God on earth who thinks of the things of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Faith in God’s love and goodness is heavenly and is the natural order to the blessed and good things in life. Let us be reminded there is more yet to learn on the journey. We are not in Heaven yet but some day we will be. Let us remind each other of the kingdom were there is not pain, suffering, crying, dying, or any evil thing. We can not let go of this great hope of reward for the suffering and labors of love to shine the light. Let us encourage one another in these blessed words. God is good all the time! AND All the time, God is good!!


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