Was it a Virus in Students of Heaven Group?   Leave a comment


It’s been a long summer so far and things are going fairly well. Recently there as been strange technical issues in Students of Heaven Group. What could it have been? The recent activity was an important member of our group posted and shared with us and it appears that only a few members could see the posts but was still able to see his profile . It seemed only a select few was able to view the posts from the member.  Was it facebook, was it a virus, was it the members computer? Who knows? Some precautions were taken that this kind of virus would not possibly spreading through out the group. Unfortunately, we lost one administrator which was agreed upon that could be more technically destructive for that kind of issue to have  administrative access. This may all be temporary so we watch and wait with love in our hearts and share the good news of heaven to one another.  We enjoy all the posts from all the wonderful members in this delightful facebook group. We remember computers can have these kind of technical issue. Maybe you have seen this kind of facebook group error before after upgrades in facebook. If you  have something to say feel free to comment to any articles posted.  Nevertheless we shall continue on with our studies on Heaven. Amen! Praise God! May the grace of God be with us. Thank you for visiting our blog site.


Posted July 4, 2011 by Val Malloren in Uncategorized

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